I do not have the time to write software myself anymore. But I do encourage my students and collaborators to make codes that they developed and data of real world problems they collected available to the public, at least to the academic community. Some programs that grew out of master theses, PhD theses or other projects at my chair at TU Berlin (and formerly at U Augsburg), and at the Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum are the following:
  1. MCF  (a simplex-based min-cost flow algorithm written by Andreas Löbel)
  2. PORTA   (a program that transforms polyhedra in various ways, by Thomas Christof, Andreas Löbel)
  3. SCIP  (a mixed-integer and constraint program solver, by Tobias Achterberg)
  4. SoPlex  (a simplex LP code, by Roland Wunderling)
  5. Zimpl   (a LP/IP modelling language, by Thorsten Koch)

The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC), a non-profit corporation formed to establish, maintain, and endorse a standardized set of relevant benchmarks to test the newest generation of high-performance computers, has selected MCF and SoPlex for CPU2006, the current version of its CPU component benchmark suite.
Data collections and information about particular optimization problems with hints to relevant literature and the like are the following:

  1. FAP web  (Andreas Eisenblätter, Arie Koster)
    A website about Frequency Assignment Problems in wireless communication networks
  2. MIPLIB (Alexander Martin, Tobias Achterberg, Thorsten Koch)
    A library of pure and mixed integer linear programming instances
  3. SNDlib (Roland Wessäly, Roman Klähne, and Sebastian Orlowski)
    A library of test instances for Survivable fixed telecommunication Network Design
  4. SteinLib  (Thorsten Koch, Alexander Martin, Stefan Voß)
    A collection of instances of the Steiner tree problem
  5. TSPLIB  (Gerhard Reinelt)
    A library of travelling salesman problem instances

ZIB maintains a list of good software for problems in mathematical programming, see MATHPROG.

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