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Currently there are only development snapshots available, sorted by date. Note that these need not even compile, and the interface may change (although major changes before a stable release are unlikely by now). Nevertheless, most of the views are reasonably stable and quite usable. The snapshots contain all but some administrative files, and are in tar/gzip format.

We would appreciate any feedback, especially bug reports and improvement suggestions.

To do before a release:

  • fix all bugs
  • Clean up code w.r.t. member access specifiers and namespace handling.
  • Bring code and documentation completely in sync.
  • General code/comment cleanup.

  • vtl-20001129.tgz Downloads: 133
    • Ownership management improved. Now four different ownership semantics can be selected by the corresponding tags: external, shared, owned by aggregation, owned by reference. This is an interface change that will break existing code. Convertin is easy, though: just substitute view_own by aggregated_ownership and view_ref by external_ownership.
    • More boostifications, using a few boost libraries now. The needed boost files are contained in the snapshots. Internal include files are in a details directory.
    • Minor code polishing (access specification adjustments).
  • vtl-20000613.tgz Downloads: 199
    • Performance discussion added
    • Minor bugfixes and improvements in code and documentation
  • vtl-20000428.tgz Downloads: 68
    • renamed header files to *.hpp (boost conformance)
    • New header files containing forward declarations of views
    • Namespace issues are more configurable (standards conformance)
    • Documentation update
  • vtl-2000411.tgz Downloads: 43
    • Namespace fixes
    • Documentation update
    • Minor bugfixes
  • vtl-20000403.tgz Downloads: 46
    • flagged_filter_view works
    • reference_pair handles references directly
    • Computing of value_type's improved
    • Documentation improvements
  • vtl-20000314.tgz Downloads: 87

Installation Instructions

For use with GCC 2.95 you need to enable the std namespace for the standard library contents. In include/g++-3/stl_config.h in the section #ifdef __GNUC__ (somewhere around lines 160 to 180), comment out the preprocessor directive #define __STL_NO_NAMESPACES.

The Bourne shell script for crosslinking the documentation with an SGI STL documentation (tested only on Solaris) is contained in the snapshots and additionally available here: localize.sh

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