Berlin's High-End Data and Computing Center:

ZIB hosts Berlin’s main data and computing center. It provides an expansive and sophisticated infrastructure to handle vast amounts of data and complex computa-tional tasks. ZIB offers scalable and high-performance computing resources, including supercomputers, clus-ters, and cloud-based solutions, to support scientific research, including artificial intelligence, big data an-alytics, digitalization support, and more. With Berlin’s largest storage capabilities in a fire-proof special data facility, it can securely manage and process massive datasets, enabling researchers, businesses, and institu-tions to extract valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.  Additionally, ZIB provides advanced networking capa-bilities, ensuring seamless connectivity and collabora-tion. With its headquarters at ZIB, Berlin’s scientific high-speed data network BRAIN is available to all sci-entific, cultural, and educational institutions based in Berlin. Recently, the core capacities have been crucial-ly improved, including an extension of the super-fast, high-throughput fiber-optic transmission network. Overall, ZIB serves as a powerhouse for innovation and discovery across various fields by offering cutting-edge technologies and resources to meet the ever-growing demands of data-intensive tasks.

Digital Data and Information for Society, Science, and Culture:

Universal access to knowledge has always been a dream of humankind. Today’s democratic societies rightfully demand open access to data, code, methodologies, and results of scientific research. Open Science is the key to transparent and trustworthy science. Our task is to support researchers in this endeavor. Together with galleries, libraries, archives, and museums, we make knowledge accessible, digitize and preserve our cultur-al heritage, and together with the universities, we make research data reusable. One of the main drivers of knowledge accessibility, the Cooperative Library Network Berlin-Brandenburg (KOBV), is the association of all university and uni-versity of applied sciences libraries, all public librar-ies, and numerous special and public libraries in the Berlin-Brandenburg region with headquarters at ZIB. Its aim is to improve the regional information infras-truture and to develop new services for users with a strong commitment to the Open Access movement and Open Science. The KOBV cooperates closely with the Research and Competence Center Digitalization Berlin (digiS), which is also located at ZIB. 

Excellent Support for Digital Science