Our Mission


Cutting-Edge Computational Thinking

Computational thinking is increasingly being seen as at the core of all modern science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines. At ZIB, model-based simulation and optimization, data-driven problem solving and advanced computing meet with high-performance research services and transfer to diverse application fields and to industry.

Research, Software and Research Services

Research at ZIB encompasses the development of mathematical models and algorithms, in order to use computer simulations and optimization methods as well as data-driven procedures to solve problems from natural sciences, engineering, life sciences and medicine as well as the social sciences and humanities. Research is complemented by related software development and research services, in particular regarding the operation of high-performance research infrastructures.

Method-oriented Research

ZIB main focus is on research and development of mathematical models and efficient algorithms for the seamless integration of simulation and optimization with learning from data and high-performance computing. Accordingly, our research is structured into three scientific divisions:

  • Mathematics for Complex Systems
  • Mathematical Algorithmic Intelligence
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing

ZIB is a core partner in several large-scale collaborations like the DFG-funded Cluster of Excellence MATH+, several Collaborative Research Centers (CRCs), and priority programs, as well as third-party funds from other agencies like the German Ministry for Research and Education or the EU.

Application-oriented Research

ZIB is strongly oriented towards developing general methods for solving realworld application problems. Our main application areas are shown below (for more information click on respective icon):

Research Transfer

Translation of research results and knowledge transfer into industry and society are important objectives for ZIB. Germany’s largest public-private partnership centered on mathematics, the Research Campus MODAL with more than 35 industrial partners, is hosted by ZIB, being complemented by individual research projects with a comparable number of additional cooperation partners from industry and commerce.


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