Intel and ZIB have set up an IPCC “Research Center for Many-core High-Performance Computing” at ZIB in October 2013.

This center fosters the uptake of current and next generation Intel many- and multicore technology in high performance computing and big data analytics. The activities of the “Research Center for Many-core High-Performance Computing” focuse on enhancing selected workloads with impact on the HPC community to improve their performance and scalability on many-core processor technologies and platform architectures. The selected applications cover a wide range of scientific disciplines including materials science and nanotechnology, atmosphere and ocean flow dynamics, astrophysics, drug design, particle physics and big data analytics. Novel programming models and algorithms will be evaluated for the parallelization of the workloads on many-core processors.

The workload optimization for many-core processors is supported by research activities associated with many-core architectures at ZIB. Furthermore, the parallelization work is complemented by dissemination and education activities within the North-German Supercomputing Alliance (HLRN) to diminish the barriers involved with the introduction of upcoming highly parallel processor and platform technologies. Contact Dr. Thomas Steinke, Prof. Dr. Alexander Reinefeld