The HPC Consulting group provides a unique mixture of research and scientific services in the field of supercomputing. The HPC consultants provide scientific and technical guidance for the users of the HLRN supercomputer system to implement large-scale scientific projects. The overall goal of this support work is an optimal utilization of the supercomputer resources.

Each of the HPC consultants is an expert in a science domain like chemistry, earth sciences, engineering, physics, or life sciences, and brings in his research experience to support users requiring advanced computing and storage resources to solve their scientific questions. The support work includes helping scientists in optimizing their codes for the HPC architecture, improving the management of large data sets in a multi-tiered HPC environment, and the installation and documentation of community application codes. Furthermore, each HPC consultant pursues research in his own field of expertise and in HPC related interdisciplinary domains.

The HPC consultants foster the high-performance computing in the Northern German science community. For that purpose, the HPC consultants organize regular tutorials and workshops, and offer lectures to disseminate their knowledge about techniques and methods for high-performance computing.