The Montreal-based Institute for Data Valorization (IVADO) has signed an academic partnership agreement with Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB), which aims to bring together industry professionals and academic researchers to develop cutting-edge expertise in data science.

Through this partnership, ZIB and IVADO will join forces to develop collaborative research work in the fields of computing and data science. Over the next five years, researchers from both institutes will combine their expertise in applied mathematics, computer science, operations research and artificial intelligence to implement innovative solutions and data-driven applications for the industry. The partnership between ZIB and IVADO will also provide training for next-generation data scientists and experts through seminars, workshops and internships.

"Data science has become a core component of ZIB’s activities and we have a long history of collaborating on this topic with IVADO’s scientific co-director, Professor Andrea Lodi. As we move towards a data-driven society built on complex networks, interdisciplinary approaches and collaborations have become essential. We are very pleased to formalize our partnership with IVADO and join its growing ecosystem of data researchers in Montreal" said Ambros Gleixner, Head of the Mathematical Optimization Methods Research Group at the Zuse Institute Berlin.

"IVADO is proud to partner with the world-renowned Zuse Institute Berlin. This marks our first international collaboration with Germany and we look very much forward to closely working with the top minds at ZIB on data-driven solutions" stated Gilles Savard, chief executive officer at IVADO.


The Institute for Data Valorization (IVADO) is a joint initiative of HEC Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal and Université de Montréal that brings together nearly 100 industrial, academic and government partners. With over 1 000 researchers, IVADO is a multidisciplinary centre of advanced expertise in statistics, artificial intelligence and operations research.

IVADO’s mission is to 1) contribute to the development of an economic sector in big data processing for decision making; 2) create privileged partnerships between industry and the administrative, social and academic sectors; 3) contribute to the advancement of knowledge and train new generations of data scientists; and 4) foster exchange and knowledge sharing between experts, partners, researchers and students.

IVADO provides a framework for six research centres: Canada Excellence Research Chair in Data Science for Real-Time Decision Making, CIRRELT, CRM, GERAD, MILA and Tech3Lab.

About ZIB

The Zuse Institute Berlin is a research institute for applied mathematics and computer science dedicated to solving crucial problems in science, technology, environment and society, problems that cannot be solved by traditional methods. Founded in 1984 as a non-university research institute of the State of Berlin, ZIB has worked in close interdisciplinary cooperation with universities and scientific institutions worldwide on developing efficient algorithms for simulating and optimizing mathematical models that describe complex scientific, technical, as well as socio-economic processes and the transfer of these algorithms into efficient software and high-performance computing techniques.

ZIB’s computing center includes the North-German Supercomputing Alliance (HLRN)-III high performance supercomputer, one of the most powerful computers in the world. The institute has also been one of the founding members of the research center MATHEON Mathematics for Key Technologies, theEinstein Center for Mathematics Berlin, and the ECMath DFG Cluster of Excellence MATH+. Together with Freie Universität Berlin it has established  the Research Campus MODAL Mathematical Optimization and Data Analysis Laboratories to boost public-private research partnerships.