The German federal and state governments have agreed to jointly fund the National High Performance Computing Alliance (NHR). This will create a nationally coordinated network of high-performance computing centers. Eight computing centers, including ZIB, were selected on the basis of a competitive and science-driven process involving a review by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and an evaluation by an independent strategy committee appointed by the Joint Science Conference (GWK).

With the NHR, the federal and state governments are further developing the technical and methodological strengths of high-performance computing centers in a targeted and coordinated manner, thus meeting the growing demand for scientific computing and the requirements of an increasingly digitized science. 

The NHR Center at ZIB provides nationwide scientific services for users of high-performance computing resources at the tier-2 level and operates the NHR supercomputer system "Lise". Here, we contribute our many years of experience in scientific consulting and HPC resource operation in the HLRN Alliance.

The NHR Consultants provide scientific and technical guidance for the users to implement and perform large scientific projects on NHR systems. For this purpose, our HPC consultants rely on their research experience in various science domains such as life sciences, chemistry, earth sciences, engineering, and physics to support scientists in the efficient use of advanced computing and storage resources for solving complex scientific problems.

The NHR System Administrators operate the supercomputing system “Lise” including its integrated storage systems, the high-speed network as well as the infrastructure for HPC-related services and gateways to data archives. The group also manages the local user access and project accounting.


The NHR Center at ZIB supports the scientific exchange within its user community and is actively engaged in the CECAM network through the node 
Mathematics and Computation in Molecular Simulation”.