ZIB provides research services in Computing, Data Science and Scientific Information. These services are closely linked to our research activities.

For example, ZIB operates Northern Germany’s supercomputer HLRN and provides associated scientific support for users on planning and running large scale computing projects. ZIB also runs BRAIN, the high speed data net of Berlin’s public institutions for science, education and culture, and provides data management and archive services. Furthermore, ZIB hosts the Cooperative Library Network Berlin-Brandenburg (KOBV), the common platform of all university libraries and public libraries and numerous research, special and government libraries in Berlin and Brandenburg, and the Research and Competence Center Digitalization Berlin (digiS), an institution to coordinate and support digitization efforts of cultural assets in the city state of Berlin. Last but not least, ZIB offers research software developed and maintained at ZIB, library services for the Campus Dahlem, and offers meeting facilities for scientific events.