• 27 April 2023, 09:00-12:00
  • Parallel programming with MPI
  • Zoom link via email
  • Online workshop, live demos, hands-on examples in programming language c
  • For questions please send an e-mail to ppd2023zib.de.

The NHRZIB offers an online parallel programming day with an introduction into parallel programming with MPI. The basic concepts of parallel scaling will be presented giving insight into expectable performance limitations. Participation is possible without or with a user account for NHR system Lise (provided at Zuse Institute Berlin). For user accounts access to code examples discussed in the workshop is possible. Performance profiling will be introduced showing a method for the analysis of complex codes.


09:00 Parallel architecture and scaling
10:00 Workload distribution and MPI communication
11:00 Profiling and performance analysis
12:00 End

Speakers: Dr. Matthias Läuter (NHRZIB), Dr. Lewin Stein (NHRZIB)


  • Participation is possible via zoom without a user account.
  • With a user account for NHR system Lise access to hands-on examples is possible.
  • The slides will be uploaded after the day.

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