Since more than 20 years, ZIB is working on helping to shape the future of transportation. Through the use of mathematical models, advanced algorithms, and data analytics, our researchers can analyze and optimize various aspects of mobility, such as public transport, air traffic, or traffic and transportation infrastructure. For example, we built novel algorithms that are utilized in the transport industry to significantly reduce CO2 emissions while increasing consumer satisfaction. We also model and simulate different scenarios to assess the impact of emerging technologies like electric vehicles or shared mobility services on traffic patterns, mobility choices, and energy consumption.Mathematical research also enables the design of efficient algorithms that can optimize periodic timetables, help to reduce congestion, and enhance overall efficiency. By developing new mathematical tools and software, we contribute to the development of sustainable and efficient transportation solutions, leading to a more connected and environmentally friendly mobility future.

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Infrastructure design & passenger behaviour in public transport

This research is carried out in the framework of MATHEON supported by Einstein Foundation Berlin. The strategic planning process in public transport is usually divided... Infrastructure design & passenger behaviour in public transport
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Duty Scheduling in Public Transit

Duty scheduling is the assignment of tasks of work to staff by means of a schedule. Problems typically involve complicated rules for the legality and the costs of duties... Duty Scheduling in Public Transit

Research Campus MODAL

The Forschungscampus ("Research Campus") MODAL is a platform for a public-private innovation partnership established by ZIB and Freie Universität Berlin together with...

Research Campus MODAL
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Electric Bus Scheduling

A major obstacle to the electrification of public bus networks yet to be solved in a satisfactory manner is the electric bus scheduling problem. Contrary to diesel buses...

Electric Bus Scheduling