The collaborative research project Energy Efficient Mobility (E-Motion) of the BMBF Mathematics Program held its regular assembly on Nov 30-Dez 1 at the Lufthansa Systems  facilities in Raunheim near Frankfurt. 

E-Motion features five projects on Flight-Trajectory Optimization on Airway Networks (ZIB, Lufthansa Systems), Flight-Path Optimization under Free-flight Conditions (Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg, Lufthansa Systems), Optimization of Freight Train Schedules under Consideration of Energy Efficiency Aspects (TU Braunschweig, DB Mobility Logistics, Kombiverkehr), Energy Efficient Train Operation (TU Chemnitz, DB Mobility Logistics), Optimization of Train Schedules to Reduce Peak Consumption (FAU Nürnberg-Erlangen, DB Mobility Logistics), Energy Efficient Network Design for Intermodal Transport (Fraunhofer SCS, DB Mobility Logistics, Kombiverkehr). The scientific talks and discussions were complemented by a visit to the Lufthansa maintenance and training facilities at Frankfurt Airport.

The picture shows most of the group in front of a Boeing 747-8, from left to right: Ralf Borndörfer, Anja Hähle, Oskar Schneider, Christoph Helmberg, Eric Yuan, Anton Kaier, Liana Moreno, Marco Blanco, Alexander Martin, Andreas Bärman, Sven Schlobach, Nam Dung Hoang.