On Friday, a 5-member delegation from Singapore visited us, consisting of high-ranking representatives from the National Quantum Office Singapore, the Quantum Engineering Programme Singapore, and the Centre for Quantum Technologies at the University of Singapore. The goal is to establish a long-term collaboration with these organizations that play a crucial role in advancing quantum technologies and research in Singapore.

From left to right:

Patrick Gelß (ZIB)
Lea Muth (ZIB)
Matthias Läuter (ZIB)
Christian Plessl (NHR)
Christof Schütte (ZIB)
Keok Tong Ling (ED, NQO)
Rakesh Jaiswal (CIEO, NQO)
Jose Ignacio (Director, CQT)
Johnson Goh (PD, QEP)
Wilber Lim (DD, NQO)