The new Beijing Center for Scientific and Engineerung Computing (BJC-SEC), directed by Peter Deuflhard and Rolf Möhring, hosted the first Workshop on Combinatorial Optimization with Applications in Transportation and Logistics from July 27 to Aug 02. BJC-SEC is located on the campus of of Beijing University of Technology, which includes an office of Beijing's Traffic Control Center as well as the Olympic badminton facilities. 45 participants from universities and research institutions from all over China enjoyed four minicourses on Algorithmic Game Theory and Traffic Control (Rolf Möhring), Mathematical Optimization in Public Transportation (Ralf Borndörfer), Submodular Optimization (Donglei Du), and Optmization Under Uncertainty (Sebastian Stiller). The photo was taken in front of BJUT's library, the first row shows organizer Rolf Möhring (left), next to Sebastian Stiller (middle), and Ralf Borndörfer (right).