The Forschungscampus ("research campus") Modal is a platform for public-private partnership for innovation built by ZIB and Freie Universität Berlin together with 12 participating companies.

Modal is an acronym derived from "Mathematical Optimization and Data Analysis Laboratories". The Forschungscampus is located at ZIB where partner researchers from the public and private sectors are directly working together in joint laboratories. Modal aims at sustainable innovations in process optimization through mathematical research on modelling, simulation, and mixed discrete-continuous-stochastic optimization problems that originate from real-world application problems beyond reach of today's computing and optimization technologies. Present main applications are railway and gas transport optimization, and information-based medicine.

Modal resulted from a national competition in which the German Ministry for Research and Education (BMBF) awarded the title "Forschungscampus" to ten public-private partnerships out of almost a hundred candidates. The Forschungscampus funding initiative supports long-term public-private partnerships which bring their partners together in one place. Each selected Forschungscampus will receive funding of 1 to 2 million Euros per year by BMBF for a maximum of 15 years. The funding coming from the private consortium partners must exceed the BMBF funding.