BRAIN, the Berlin Research Area Information Network, is the high speed data net of Berlin’s public institutions for science, education and culture.

It came into being on the basis of a decision of Berlin’s Federal State Government of 1994 on the construction and operation of a state-owned glass fiber Metropolitan Area Network.

BRAIN connects more than 150 locations of more than 40 scientific and cultural institutions in Berlin.

BRAIN operates 2300 km of the state-owned glass fiber net. BRAIN offers

a) Active BRAIN Network

- with individual lines with up to 100 Gbit/s for high-performance cross-linkage of scientific and cultural institutions of the city for direct IP-data exchange,
- for high-performance networking of different locations of one institution and
- as access point to the intranet of the federal state of Berlin (Berlin’s state net BeLa).

b) glass fibers and bandwidth to connect two locations of a single institution and

c) glass fibers to link with the national network infrastructure of the DFN-Verein (German National Research and Education Network) for the DFN internet service X-WiN are offered.