The goal of this project is to visualize, analyze and fuse data from non-destructive testing-methods (NDT) of structural components in civil engineering, for example concrete bridges or parts thereof. The data is acquired by ground penetrating radar (GPR), ultrasound or impact echo measurements. The focus is to enable users to interactively visualize their data in 2D and 3D and to integrate mechanical drawings. Further information is available in the detailed project description.


Non-destructive testing (NDT) methods such as ground penetrating radar (GPR) or ultrasound echoes are effictive tools to analyse the aging of concrete structures or to find subsurface flaws. Also the localisation of reinforcing bars, pipes and tendon ducts are applications of NDT methods.

Project description

The Amira/Avizo visualisation system have been extended by special modules to read and process the data format used for the NDT data. This makes Amira/Avizo unique in visualizing NDT data together with mechanical drawings in different modalities and file formats.
Furthermore modules have been developed to ease the use of Amira/Avizo for casual users. These modules offer the most important visualisation tools, such as 2D slices, isosurfaces, volume rendering and intensity projections, for this kind of data.



3-D-Visualisierung von Radar- und Ultraschallecho-Daten mit ZIBAmira Proc. DGZfP-Jahrestagung 2011, 2011 Doreen Streicher, Olaf Paetsch, Robert Seiler, Steffen Prohaska, Martin Krause, Christian Boller BibTeX
Visualization of Radar and Ultrasound Data of Concrete Structures