All branches of optimization are currently witnessing a strong growth of the size of the industry problems to be the addressed and of the range of requirements (linear, integer, nonlinear, stochastic, robust, multi-objective, ...) to be satisfied. The department Optimization reacts to this, e.g.  within its working group Linear and Nonlinear Integer Optimization, by advancing the theory and algorithmic methodology (parallelization, utilization of supercomputers, etc.) for solving large-scale problems of this type. General progress would not exist here without close collaboration with our working groups on Energy, Telecommunications, Traffic and Logistics (the area covered in detail in this annual report) where we continue our application-oriented research in seventeen projects, mostly with close ties to industries. 

The department Scientific Information focusses on planning and developing information systems and services for the sciences and specializes, in particular, on libraries (KOBV), and support for digitization of cultural object (digiS).