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First Series - ZIBcast: Small Data Analysis

In our first series, the ZIBcast: Small Data Analysis, you will hear expert conversations and gain insights into transdisciplinary research involving small data sets.

Questions revolving around Big Data are currently the focus in many contexts - but what can be done when the relevant data is only available in small quantities? Whether it’s meteorological phenomena, rare diseases, or (pre-)historic finds: small data sets arise whenever events occur rarely, are difficult to observe, or originate from so far in the past that only a few artifacts remain today.

And these situations present researchers from various fields with enormous challenges daily: how can reliable statements be made based on limited information? How can robust conclusions be drawn to make consequential decisions, from medical treatment paths to critical weather forecasts? This is where mathematicians come into play, as their methods can propose new ways of processing, presenting, and interpreting such data. Through the collaboration of expert knowledge and mathematical methodology, new insights are generated, and the field of mathematics itself reaches technical innovations.

In the Thematic Einstein Semester Small Data Analysis, mathematicians and researchers from various disciplines jointly examine the scientific practice surrounding small data sets and develop new research methods in intensive collaboration to help solve current problems. The ZIBcast Small Data Analysis accompanies the TES and focuses on new insights from the transdisciplinary collaboration.

Organizers of the Thematic Einstein Semester Small Data Analysis: Dr. Marcus Weber and Dr. Christoph von Tycowicz
Sponsored by MATH+ Mathematics Research Center and the Einstein Foundation Berlin.

Editorial and Production of ZIBcast: Nathalie Rosenbaum
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