Description: For each day (starting March 2020, ending April 2022), the data set contains the number of hours people on average spend outside of their home. Additionally, the data set contains how this quantity differs from the respective hours before covid (in %). Data is available on a county level of Germany.

Original Purpose: Epidemiological simulations.


(a) Is there a correlation between time spent outside of home and covid incidences? and covid hospital numbers? and vaccination rate? Infections for the Landkreise can be found here, vaccinations for the Landkreise can be found here and hospitalisation numbers (only on a Bundesland level) can be found here.

(b) How did the time spent outside change over the course of the pandemic?

(c) How well does the data depict the different pandemic waves?

(d) Can you find clusters in the mobility/ incidence/ hospital/ vaccination data? Do the clusters you find overlap?

Contact: Sydney Paltra (

Source: data is available on request to Luzie Helfmann (, an r-script that does data-cleaning and unifies several RKI data sets can be downloaded from here.

Explanatory slides from the Opening Day: here


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