The First International UG Workshop took place at Zuse Institute Berlin from January 14. to 16, 2019.
Later that week the event was followed by the First International Workshop on High-Performance Business Computing (HPBC).
Main topics in the UG workshop were Parallel Algorithms in Tree Search and Mathematical Optimization, in strong connection with applications of the Ubiquity Generator (UG).
The UG software is a generic framework for parallelizing Branch-And-Bound-Based Solvers.
With the workshop we intended to discuss open questions in high-performance computing and tree search algorithms.
As the UG software is currently developped by Yuji Shinano at ZIB, one of the goals was also to collect feedback from users of UG, and discuss best practices for sustainably developing, distributing, and maintaining research software.
To sum up the workshop:

  • There were over 40 Participants from more than 7 countries around the world.
  • There were 16 inspiring talks by 15 speakers in about 700 minutes distributed over three days.
  • There were fruitful hands on programming sessions and a lot of stimulating conversations and discussions.

Thank you to all speakers, participants and helpers behind the curtains for a wonderful workshop.
We are looking forward to the next one!