Authors: B. Goldenbogen, S.O. Adler, O. Bodeit, J. AH Wodke, X. Escalera-Fanjul, A. Korman, M. Krantz, L. Bonn, R. Morán-Torres, J.E.L. Haffner, M. Karnetzki, I. Maintz, L. Mallis, H. Prawitz, P.S. Segelitz, M. Seeger, R. Linding, E. Klipp

Description: This data set contains simulation results of the stochastic Covid-19 simulator GERDA. Among others, the data set comprises information on the infection status and times as well as on the ID's of the infectors.

Background: Please refer to the following paper.

Original Purpose: Simulating the spreading of Covid-19 in detailed communities to asses counter measures and forecasts.

Questions: Based on the infection data, find common infection chains over (all) simulations. Sort for the length of the chains and provide a characterisation of the involved agents.

Contact: Björn Goldenbogen (

License:  4.0

Download: here

Explanatory slides from the Opening Day: here


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