The aim of the research group 'Therapy Planning' in medicine is to identify needs and possibilities for computer assisted, model-guided treatment planning in close collaboration with domain experts in view of improved therapeutic results, and to implement interactive and intuitive, graphics-based software prototypes for decision support and therapy planning in order to demonstrate clinical applicability. To this extent, new methods of scientific visualization and data analysis, medical image and geometry processing are developed. Methodical, the group emphasizes on medical image enhancement, medical image segmentation, geometric 3D anatomy reconstruction, meshing, registration, and 3D shape analysis. Applications are currently centered around surgery, computational biomechanics, orthopedic research, and implant design. Methods developed in the Therapy Planning group are combined with mathematical modeling, numerical simulation and optimization yielding innovative software solutions for individualized medicine. Software prototypes are developed based on ZIBAmira - a software platform for interactive data analysis and visualization.