Welcome to the homepage of the Computational Nano Optics research group at Zuse Institute Berlin!

CNO group 2023

The main focus in our research group is on investigation and application of numerical methods for simulating light-matter interactions on the nanoscale. An emphasis of research is on adaptive finite-element methods for solving Maxwell's equations. These developments are strongly interlinked to various collaborations with partners from academic, fundamental research and with partners from the industry.

Group members

Please see staff list on the right hand side of this page. Our interdisciplinary group is composed from mathematicians, physicists and engineers. The computational nano optics group includes several guests from JCMwave and from Helmholtz Center Berlin.

Annual Meeting Photonic Devices (AMPD)

The topics of our annual meeting are the simulation, physical properties and deeper understanding of novel photonic devices. Please see here for more information: AMPD.

13th Annual Meeting Photonic Devices 2020


See research project list on the right hand side of this page.

  • h- and p-adaptive higher-order finite-element methods, contour integration methods, application of methods for design optimization and parameter retrieval
  • applications in nano optics: metamaterials, optical chirality, plasmonics, nano-structured fibers, photovoltaics, optical nano-metrology, single photon emitters, nano-lasers


The CNO group is part of the following collaborative projects (as partners or researchers), with funding from DFG, Einstein Foundation, EU, BMBF, Helmholtz Association:


See publication lists on the ZIB MSCP department page, on the project pages and on the staff member pages.

Recent publications include:

  • F. Binkowski, J. Kullig, F. Betz, L. Zschiedrich, A. Walther, J. Wiersig, S. Burger. Computing eigenfrequency sensitivities near exceptional points. Phys. Rev. Research 6, 023148 (2024).
  • F. Binkowski, F. Betz, R. Colom, P. Genevet, S. Burger. Poles and zeros in non-Hermitian systems: Application to photonics. Phys. Rev. B 109, 045414 (2024).
  • O. Anton, V. A. Henderson, E. Da Ros, I. Sekulic, S. Burger, P.-I. Schneider, M. Krutzik. Review and experimental benchmarking of machine learning algorithms for efficient optimization of cold atom experiments. Mach. Learn. Sci. Technol. 5, 025022 (2024).
  • E. Mikheeva, R. Colom, K. Achouri, A. Overvig, F. Binkowski, J.-Y. Duboz, S. Cueff, S. Fan, S. Burger, A. Alù, P. Genevet. Asymmetric phase modulation with light with parity-symmetry broken metasurfaces. Optica 10, 1287 (2023).
  • M. Plock, M. Hammerschmidt, S. Burger, P.-I. Schneider, C. Schütte. Impact Study of Numerical Discretization Accuracy on Parameter Reconstructions and Model Parameter Distributions. Metrologia 60, 054001 (2023).
  • R. Colom, E. Mikheeva, K. Achouri, J. Zuniga-Perez, N. Bonod, O. J. F. Martin, S. Burger, P. Genevet. Crossing of the branch cut: the topological origin of a universal 2 pi - phase retardation in non-Hermitian metasurfaces. Laser Photon. Rev. 17, 2200976 (2023).
  • F. Betz, F. Binkowski, M. Hammerschmidt, L. Zschiedrich, S. Burger. Resonance expansion of quadratic quantities with regularized quasinormal modes. Phys. Status Solidi A 220, 2200892 (2023).
  • Y. Wang, L. Vannucci, S. Burger, N. Gregersen. Near-unity efficiency in ridge waveguide-based, on-chip single-photon sources. Mater. Quantum Technol. 2, 045004 (2022).
  • R. Colom, F. Binkowski, F. Betz, Y. Kivshar, S. Burger. Enhanced Purcell factor for nanoantennas supporting interfering resonances. Phys. Rev. Research 4, 023189 (2022).
  • T. Gao, L. Rickert, F. Urban, J. Große, N. Srocka, S. Rodt, A. Musial, K. Zolnacz, P. Mergo, K. Dybka, W. Urbanczyk, G. Sek, S. Burger, S. Reitzenstein, T. Heindel. A quantum key distribution testbed using a plug&play telecom-wavelength single-photon source. Appl. Phys. Rev. 9, 011412 (2022).
  • F. Binkowski, F. Betz, M. Hammerschmidt, P.-I. Schneider, L. Zschiedrich, S. Burger. Computation of eigenfrequency sensitivities using Riesz projections for efficient optimization of nanophotonic resonators. Commun. Phys. 5, 202 (2022).
  • M. Plock, K. Andrle, S. Burger, P.-I. Schneider. Bayesian Target-Vector Optimization for Efficient Parameter Reconstruction. Adv. Theory Simul. 5, 2200112 (2022).
  • M. Dass, L. Kuen, G. Posnjak, S. Burger, T. Liedl. Visible wavelength spectral tuning of absorption and circular dichroism of DNA-assembled Au/Ag core-shell nanorod assemblies. Mat. Adv. 3, 3438 (2022).

Former group members

Peter Tillmann, Frank Schmidt, Rémi Colom, Philipp Gutsche, Anton Pakhomov, Xavier Garcia Santiago, Theresa Höhne, Gauri Mangalgiri, Sven Herrmann, Jan Pomplun, Raquel Mäusle, Duote Chen, Benjamin Wohlfeil, Mark Blome, Daniel Lockau, Maria Rozova, Kiran Hiremath, Therese Blome geb. Pollok, Benjamin Kettner, Achim Schädle