Large ribosomal subunit (PDB ID: 1S72). Left: The ribosomal RNA with 2876 nucleotides is displayed as a ray casted ladder model, colored by strands, while the ribosomal protein is depicted by the molecular surface. Right: 2D graph model of the ribosomal RNA. (From: Norbert Lindow, Daniel Baum, Morgan Leborgne, and Hans-Christian Hege, Interactive Visualization of RNA and DNA Structures, paper presented at IEEE VIS 2018).


From October 21 to 26 the annual visualization conference IEEE VIS 2018 takes place, with significant participation of the ZIB (one of the vice-chairs is Hans Christian Hege, head of Visual Data Analysis at ZIB). IEEE VIS is the worldwide largest and most important gathering for researchers and professionals specializing in the visual analysis of data. It offers a full range of research presentations, tutorials, symposiums, workshops, panels, demonstrations, posters, and exhibitions. The annual conference usually takes place in the USA; only for the second time will it take place outside the USA. More than 1200 participants are expected from all over the world - an unprecedented record for IEEE VIS. The papers accepted for the 3 sub-conferences SciVis, InfoVis and VAST have undergone a double review cycle (with approximately 25% accepted) and will appear as journal papers in IEEE Transactions on Visualization & Computer Graphics. The conference program is available here.